Pictures tell our stories

But a good story also needs to be told well. To do this, it is essential to first listen, observe and understand. Only when you have formed your own picture can this be
succeed photographically. In addition to the camera and lens, the most important thing in my work is therefore the absolute willingness to engage with new situations and people, empathy and 
openness, humor and joie de vivre. These human aspects of photographic work are at least as important as the technical ones. Only when the two come together can we succeed,
to understand messages, to develop and create an image together and to tell your story authentically.

Freunde von Freunden (Friends of friends)

„While growing up in a farm in a small village near Cologne, Natalie Bothur begun to develop a strong curiosity about her surroundings, whether that was her sisters playing around, animals that would come and go or the ever-changing nature. That’s when she started recording everything she would encounter with her camera. However, that was not just a childhood phase for her as after school she decided to delve deeper into the field of photo- graphy and evolve her technique by studying at Folkwang University. Her insatiable appetite for new settings, environments and cultures led her to travel around the world and be constantly on the move while exploring remote areas and regions. Clearly, this is one of the main reasons she’s been studying the menacing beauty of volcanos for the last few years. Her pho- tographic approach differs depending on the subject matter as she shifts from her artistic travel photography to lifestyle and applied photography. Both aspects are equally important to Natalie as she thrives on diversity and the excitement brought on by change. In spite of her nomadic life, she always returns to her nest in Cologne to recuperate where she values the city’s open, tolerant and humorous mentality....“